For Those Who Don't Know How To Post A Pic Or Graphic (The big secret)

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 29, 2011

Here’s how I post a picture or graphic

you need a free photobucket account then, (Flickr or Picassa Web or Live might work as well)


you need to upload your pictures from your pc that you want to use in order to obtain link codes which are the whole secret to this

If you want to get a picture from google or some other site, you need to download it by right clicking and then choosing save while you are hovered over it. (Sometimes the link codes are already accessible. Hover people, hover)

That downloads it to my desktop.
then I upload it to photo bucket same as before
then you hover over the top edge of the picture in photobucket and there will be a dropdown list

You select share then more options and then get link code. I use the second one down (direct link for layout pages] and left click holding down will highlight it in blue then you right click over it and choose save

That puts it on your pc's temporary clipboard. then you open the little icon on the right above the text area and paste it into the top open white space by right clicking and choosing paste.

then you size it so it doesn't take up the whole page where it says height and width. put your mouse in the top one of those two and it will show you the original size of the photo example 1024 x768.
you type the size you want in the upper of the two boxes say 400
and that will adjust the bottom number automatically,

then you choose save. Voila you see your picture in the message box
if it isn't the right size choose edit and hit the backspace button to erase that attempt. recopy the link from photobucket to the photo icon and try the sizing again. then you add any text you want and choose publish