The Patch Is An Aid, Not A Guarantee

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Oct 24, 2010

I just read where someone was using the patch and had gone through all three dosage levels

and still felt helpless.

I got the opinion he thought he didn't have to do anything but wear the patch to quit.


The patch can get you through some tough times while you learn what memories and emotions

drove you to smoke. You need to start getting a handle on the psychological part of quitting from

the beginning so you know what to do when a crave rears its head or you're under stress and

want to give in. then you can tackle getting off the nicotine.

I used 10 patches during my first 14 days and then stopped.them

by then I knew that smoking was only a decision each and every time and that I could decide not to

You are not doing yourself any favor using a nicotine replacement unless there is hope of getting off it.

Don't depend on it so much.

Use it.