1st real blog ever

Blog Post created by fennsway on Apr 30, 2013

this is my 1st blog ever. i don't even have a clue that anyone will want to read it. but here goes...
i started smoking after my 1st son was born, in 1968. my doctor said that every time i wanted to eat something, instead, smoke a cig and that would curb my appetite.
it worked !!! within a year i was back to 119 pounds, instead of 200 pounds.
i don't blame him for getting me started on cigs, back then it was not known about the harm they could do, or if it was known, it was not widely known yet.
through the years i have enjoyed smoking. recently i have not enjoyed it so much, and i have tried many times to quit, to no avail.
now i am actually tired of the smoking, for many reasons, and still do not seem to be able to quit.
i am known as a very strong-willed person, in fact of the matter, lol, actually hard headed, but that does not seem to help me in this situation. i am hopeing that this site is my answer