Just some updates...

Blog Post created by elvan on Aug 2, 2019

I have been trying to write a blog for days now...maybe longer but I wear out before I can get to it.  


I have been having on and off stomach issues for quite some time and after a negative gallbladder ultrasound, I agreed to have a scope so a doc look directly at my “insides”.  The procedure was absolutely painless and I remember NOTHING one they told me they were turning the IV sedation on. They looked at my esophagus, my stomach, and my duodenum. The results were that I have a severe gastritis and an ulcer.  I was put on Prevacid and I see the doctor next week for the results of numerous biopsies he took. I am not really expecting anything but it will be good to HEAR that I am okay. I honestly believe that I have noticed an improvement in the pain and nausea since I started the pills three days ago.  I had been on Prilosec before but since it was not making things any better, I stopped taking it along with a number of other medications that I thought MIGHT be causing me issues. Now, we wait.


My son has been ill for several weeks with a severe headache and back pain and pain in his joints along with swelling and redness.  He has deteriorated so fast that I am stunned. He has lost a significant amount of weight and believe me, he could not afford that.  He cannot walk without a cane or a walker...he is 33 years old. He has been seen by several doctors and needs an evaluation by a neurologist, he is also scheduled to see an ENT because he has terrible allergies and a rheumatologist because they think this might be reactive arthritis from a number of infections he has had.  He spent over eight weeks on antibiotics so his gut is a mess. They are considering MS, ALS, reactive arthritis, a tumor, and who knows what else. No WONDER I have an ulcer. It will be MONTHS before he can see a neurologist...he has an appointment for APRIL 2020, my head spun around when he told me that. He had a spinal tap but they only could screen for infection or increased pressure and he was okay with those things.  He has not been able to work in several weeks because he is too unstable to be cooking. I am terrified. I think about all of the possibilities all of the time and then I slap myself for doing that because, I am NOT a doctor and I do not have the knowledge or the ability to diagnose this. Please say a prayer for Damon...he sees his PCP next week, an ENT in three weeks, a urology follow up in two weeks, and he has yet to schedule the rheumatology appointment. 


Thanks for your prayers and KNOW that I am not smoking over any of this...NOPE.


I have to get to work this morning, may or may not be able to check back later.

Love you all,