Update on cardiac catheterization

Blog Post created by elvan on Feb 5, 2019

Mike is on his way home, Damon went to pick him up.  He offered and I accepted.  I was so exhausted last night that I was incapable of communicating.  I did send Youngatheart.7.4.12 a message.  


The cardiologist drew a diagram on the white board in Mike's room, he explained that one artery was 85% blocked and that he placed a permanent stent there.  He said that the graft sites from the bypass surgery are holding well.  He did explain that there is evidence of severe, advanced cardiovascular disease and that there are some arteries that could not be bypassed or stented because they were too narrow.  He feels that Mike should be okay as long as he exercises and eats a healthy diet, his medications are to remain unchanged and he is to follow up locally with the cardiologist here in town.  He is to keep nitroglycerin with him for chest pain which is he likely to continue to have intermittently.  He can take two doses 15 minutes apart and if the pain is not resolved, he is to go to an ER.  I am exhausted and glad that THIS step is over.  He has an appointment Monday with the local cardiologist, that was made before this procedure.


Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers...