Ball of Confusion - 480 days

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on May 19, 2017

I've often wondered if there was someone who monitored this site. Not just for content, but for correctness in the advice given. If there was a counselor or addictionist or social worker, a Ph.D. Someone who was fact checking advice being given. I come from a research driven occupation. I have to fact check at all times and verify information. I have to be the perpetual doubting Thomas in what I do.


That's what makes quitting smoking so difficult. There is no set timeline on you will go through this for a week and then progress to this for a week, kind of like a personal trainer who is trying to whip you into shape. This is such a personal progression. I think the reason for that is, is the emotional ties we have to smoking. My doctor told me that smokers are the pleasure junkies. We're always looking for the next hit of something that will take us to where we need to be. We've all heard it. I hate being tired when I quit. When is this fogginess ever going to go away. I can't seem to concentrate. Well, think about it. You've been zapping your brain for YEARS to get it going on a daily basis.


Nonsmokers, people who never had the desire or thought of even smoking, do have the same complaints EXCEPT they deal with it differently. They're not running to that one solution to solve the problem of the day. They're tired; they nap. They have a hard time concentrating; they divert their attention for a while and refocus, regroup. They feel foggy; they get some fresh air, exercise. You see you have to develop the thought patterns of a nonsmoker, a life without smoking. Get your dopamine fix in other ways. Research it, find one that fits your lifestyle.


Never take the easy road. Never throw in the towel. Take the time the figure out what is stirring up the thoughts of smoking again for you. Trust me, it's either something physical, hunger, lethargy or some memory that's being sparked that makes you instantly THINK of smoking. Again, think of all the zapping you've done through the years. I read a very good article the other day that can be applied to smoking and thoughts of smoking. Give it a read and see what you think:


Blessings to all and hope this finds you all in good health,