I'm not doing this anymore

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Sep 29, 2016

This is what I decided six years ago, five years ago and every year thereafter until I started noticing increasing dizzy spells or what I so fondly call them head rushes. I started noticing heart palpations. I'm a woman. We don't have the classic signs of heart attacks.


I remember the old saying, well, if you gotta die of something, it might as well be something I enjoy doing. I swore I was never going to give up the two things left that I enjoy doing, drinking and smoking. By god, I clung to those two things with all my might. Then the minor health problems started creeping up, the shortness of breath, the wheezing and the list goes on.


Ever wonder why you waited so long? Why does it take a debilitating illness or even a hint of one to make us want to finally quit smoking? Some believe we have emotional ties to smoking. Some think it's a physical thing, something in our brains. Some even think it's genetics. My father was a heavy smoker. My mother was. Back in the '60s, everyone smoked. Watch an old movie sometime, you're bound to see a smoker somewhere at sometime.


What brings us to the mighty white cancer stick? We know it's bad for us. We've read enough and seen enough on media to convince us. What do we see that that white stick can do for us that we can't do for ourselves? Only you and you alone can answer that question. I don't buy the excuse of I don't know why I went back to smoking. I don't know why. Oh, yes, you do. You're just not looking hard enough. Habits can be broken. Addictions can be overcome. Only you can finally make that decision of I'm done. I'm just not doing this anymore. If you can't figure it out, then at the time you're craving a cigarette, think to yourself, am I angry, frustrated, what is driving me to that cigarette that I can't solve myself? Put some effort into this!!!!


Only you can make the commitment of I'm never picking up another cigarette. If you can't do the words, and they are only words, you know, of NEVER, then just simply think of it I'm not picking up another cigarette for today. I'm more of a long range planner type of gal. I'm one of those 5-year plan type of people. I see far down the road. I like to think of myself on top of a crest of hill and getting ready to sail down. But only YOU can make that determination for yourself. If it's easier to take it one day at a time, do it. But do come to the decision of I'M NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE...........