summer is almost done, but here's something

Blog Post created by crazymama_Lori on Aug 11, 2016

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Summer is finally here! With the warmer weather and longer days, it’s a great time to get outdoors and embrace your smokefree life. 

Over the last decade, a wave of laws have passed at the state and local levels making public spaces and workplaces smokefree. For those quitting smoking, that means one less trigger to worry about when enjoying your favorite activities. Planning fun outings with your family and friends is a great way to stay positive and focused on your quit journey. So grab your sunscreen and shorts, and get ready for some smokefree summer fun. Here are five suggestions:

1. Catch a baseball game

On opening day 2016, several Major League Baseball stadiums around the country went smokefree. These new policies add to the growing number of baseball stadiums that have instituted smokefree policies. So sit back, enjoy the game and appreciate that your new smokefree lifestyle means you won’t be missing any homeruns hit during a smoke break.

2. Explore a national park

On the 100th birthday of the National Parks Service, plan a trip to one of our great national parks for hiking, camping and wildlife spotting. You don’t have to go to the Grand Canyon to enjoy our park system – chances are, there is a smaller site near you.  Nature is sweeter smelling now that you are smokefree!

3. Get your thrills at a theme park

Many of the nation’s major theme parks are smokefree, including many local and state fairs. So whether you're braving a roller coaster or grabbing a snow cone at the state fair, you’ll be able to enjoy that moment with your family without having to leave for a smokebreak. 

4. Soak up the sun and sand at the beach

Unwind with the sound of crashing waves and feel the sand between your toes. Many beaches around the country have become smokefree in recent years, you can build a sandcastle or take a stroll along the waterfront without worrying about the sight of cigarette butts.

5. Dine al fresco while watching the sunset

Nearly 400 municipalities across the country have passed laws making outdoor dining and patio spaces smokefree. Invite your loved ones out for alight summer meal – such as grilled vegetables and chicken or seafood – and you’ve got yourself a perfect summer evening.