Staying busy

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 21, 2016

I didn't even get a chance to get on here yesterday. I was gone from 3:00 am until after 5:00 pm. Then it was dinner and I collapsed into bed. I will admit that I barely even thought of smoking though.

Slept a little better but still woke up frequently and I do feel exhausted from yesterdays schedule. At least I don't have a job to worry about so I can take it easy today. I miss smoking more on these days but I have plenty to do around here and not smoking seems really doable. I know people that are early in there quits can have sleep issues and it will get better so I will not quit on my quit over this.

All in all this quit has seemed much easier than my previous attempts. I am seeing that so much really does have to do with attitude. I have finally accepted that for me I can either choose to to smoke and feel like crap all the time or not smoke and feel pretty decent even with the fatigue. This seems to make my choice a no brainer. For people who are quitting but do not have a serious lung (or other) diagnosis, if you quit on your quit telling yourself "it won't happen to you" or "I still have plenty of time", you are probably in denial. Smoking is never a good health choice and it never gets easier to quit. There is never a "right time" to quit except now.

I hope all my friends here have a great weekend and keep that smoke out of your face!


11 DOF