Day 2

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 11, 2016

Back to Charlotte early this a.m. for pulmonary rehab. My O2 sats were up a little from 93%-95% and I handled the 1st day orientation goals well (excersize) even though I'm still pretty short of breath with chest tightness.

It's a long day for me in Charlotte, somewhat tortuous without smoking as I have a lot of down time. I did make the morning AA meeting, bring books as well as crocheting to keep me busy. Thurs. I plan to do some shopping while I'm there so I'm looking forward to that.

My biggest complaint is this exhaustion from sleep deprivation. I'm really starting to question all those people that say lack of sleep never killed anyone. Anyway I see my psychiatrist on Thurs. afternoon so hopefully she'll be able to offer some help.

I'm so happy to have this place to come to to read blogs and share the discomfort of withdrawals knowing that everyone else here understands.