last day in prison

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Oct 9, 2016

Tomorrow is the big day. I am so relieved to start feeling better. I have been sick with this copd flare-up for a mo. yet I have continued feeding this addiction. How much of an idiot can I possibly be?

This is not my first time using this site to quit. Last yr. I quit for 2 mo. I have actually used this site for a couple of yrs. to quit a few times but I would use every lame excuse to go back to the easier softer way of smoking. And my health has continued to deteriorate. The majority of time of not smoking I would be amazed at how doable it really was. Then 1 stressful event or some little thing not going my way and like a 2 yr. old having a temper tantrum, I would turn back to that evil so called friend that has never done a damned thing for me.

Not this time you evil little demon!!!! You are not stealing 1 more minute of my life or doing everything you can to destroy the quality I still have. You are like the ex-husband that when it's done it's 100% done.

Good riddance!