Lot's of sleep last night

Blog Post created by constanceclum on Sep 16, 2015

and I needed it after my meeting. 

I ran out of 21mg patches and have a 14mg patch on now. Definitly having more cravings. I have a couple more patches and about 70 4mg lozenges. Cravings with withdrawal are normal and I have had an easy 6 days so far so maybe it's time to just use what I have. Any advice would be appreciated.  I can get through this morning with the computer and a noon meeting and I'm usually more comfortable in the afternoon and evening. Finances are such an issue right now too as we are preparing to move. (too buy patches)

Yes Landlord sold the property and we will need to move in the Spring. Right now I'm doing more praying about that and less worrying (as my sponser suggested) but we're putting as much money in the bank as possible.

I love getting on here in the morning with my coffee and reading blogs. I am missing a few people that aren't blogging as much as they use to but I understand that life issues pop up for everyone. I just hope everyone is doing well and staying smoke free.