Nobody's Perfect

Blog Post created by c2q on Aug 28, 2017

ARRRGG! Dealing with frustration was always a smoking trigger for me. "Suck it up," I'd say to myself, and then I'd smoke. Over some period of time here lately, whenever I thought I had reigned in my frustration over the points and other issues on this site, I find myself "sneaking" in one "last" questionable comment.


I am trying very hard to be stop that. Fortunately, I continue to do better with my quit. 6 years, 4 months. pretty fair, I think. Why can I do one but not the other? What is the difference? I think it's because as far as staying smoke free is concerned, I can turn here to my friends and get a healthy dose of quititude. Take a deep breath of fresh air with Marilyn.H.July.14.14,  or get inspired by a blog. Go for a long ride on the Freedom Train. Throw peanuts out the window for the birds. I can actively participate in my own quit. 


Waiting for someone else to fix things to my liking has never been my strong suit. There is nowhere to go to rail against broken technology (is there??) At any rate, I cannot stick my fingers in the pudding, so to speak, and see if there's too much salt. I get frustrated because there's nothing I can do about ... stuff. So here is my commitment instead. Starting with the click of my mouse when I publish this post,


1. I'm upping my commitment to the blog form. More blogs from me.

2. I am going to do my own thing here, which is shake-shake-shake that "Commit-to-the-quit" thing and leave site issues to site administrators, thankyouverymuch.

3. And I'm going to be asking you all this question a lot:  would you like a meme with that?