More MRIs? Yikes

Blog Post created by c2q on Jun 8, 2017

I have been messing around since sunup, taking pictures, commenting on blogs, riding the train. 

I left until too late this blog post about the MRIs and xrays I have scheduled for today.

Five years ago I went through a battery of MRIs on my back, from the base of my skull to my tail bone. On the second to the last one, the techs made my day by complementing on me on how well I held up over and over. On the last one, I couldn't do it. I had gotten this mental image from a movie of Tom Cruise being shoved over and over again into a drawer in a wall - I absolutely could not make myself get into that MRI machine, all blocked down so that I couldn't move, laying in pain on my crumbling spine.


Five years forward, living in a new town, new doctors, new insurance, and I am facing MRIs again because my old ones are too old.


This is not something I want to do. I am getting them done under anesthesia, which makes me feel like a coward and a flake. So, off I go, humility in hand. Wish me luck.


This image is of the sunrise this morning from my balcony.