Write your goodbye letter, lets'see it

Blog Post created by aztec on Aug 8, 2010

One of the things I did in class when I was ready was to write a good bye letter to cigarettes. lets hear some from you guys

Here's mine

Dear Cigarettes.

I have used you as a crutch for all kinds of emotional reasons over the years. Now I realize how deadly & how much suffering I ‘ve done & will do if I continue thinking of you as my friend.

You want me to die early,14 to 17 years early,& suffocate doing it or have heart failure, stroke or other cancers.


Knowing the truth about you has opened my eyes. I am stronger,healthier & happier without you.I want all the good, full on love, this life has to offer and you want to take it all away.

GOODBYE,MY Family hates you too!