Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Nov 5, 2018

Hello everyone I hope my blog finds you all well. I had a fantastic weekend a busy one but lots achieved. I had a gig on Saturday in Hartebeestpoort by a lovely pub called Woody's it was in the mountains overlooking the water what a view. It was so divine being able to smell blossoms and the clean air, before I would have been puffing away like a steam train on my cigarette but nope not this time I can now say I have a new super power my sense of smell LOL. i am content and confident in my quit. I was asked just today if I was cigarette free and had the pride to say yes, on the 2nd of January I will be 2 years free from the death stick. 


To all the new quitters I am proud of you, keep going because every day no matter how tough it was to get through if you did it without smoking give yourself a pat on the back and a high 5 because it makes you 1 day further away from that demon nicotine and cigarettes. Embrace the freedom and revel in the knowledge that you are walking farther from slavery with each cigarette you say no to. As you smokers brain dies you will notice how much better things taste and also being able to walk without wheezing and also you will notice certain lovely smells are so much better, like walking past a bakery in the morning. 


Have a wonderful day further God bless and keep on keeping on know that all of us are proud of your quit.