Blog Post created by agthornton007 on Sep 5, 2018

Wow 610 days of freedom from cancer sticks. i had band practice last night 2 of the members are smokers and wow could I smell it on my clothes this morning when I put them in the wash basket....YUK!!!! I have a touch of the flu at the moment and I can say how happy I am not smoking as I know my cough would be terrible my immune system is stronger now as I am not half as bad if I was smoking. 


The sense of freedom I feel not being under the thumb of cigarettes is liberating something all of the beginner quitters must hold onto. Sometimes my wife asks me to get her a box of smokes when I pop to the shop and itfeels like everyone is looking at me going you cheater LOL i want to shout out " THEY ARE NOT MINE IT"S MY WIFE"S" ha ha ha. 


Anyway that's my little chat for now. Keep well everyone enjoy every day you are free from smoking. 


Keep well and God bless.