Blues and Dispair

Blog Post created by Zendlewise on Sep 13, 2015

Feeling s of anxioty and depression are new to me, insofar as lasting these lengths of time.       Honestly i feel like a stranger in my own body.    As if sometihing is not quite right and it is unsettling and a little frightening.   I wake to a new day, and instead of anticipating it's potential, and looking forward to it, i simply want to hide away.      I feel a sense of dread, of worry, I think that things will never be ok again,   I just don't know how to be like this.  I just don't know how to be without joy.   I just hope this is not forever.     And yea, I feel alone.  And I guess in a sense, a person has to fight these kind of battles alone....but it is just scairy, ya know?