Just a little Update

Blog Post created by tigs on Feb 17, 2009
Just wanted to stop in and visit for a bit, and here I find people all worried about me!!! Isn't that sweet! I am doing pretty well, I think. We just finished going through a major external review at work...very stressful, especially this year with so many budget cuts everywhere! Did great going through all the files, checking the paperwork was all in order, etc...while doing all the regular work,too, of course....Then...driving home the last day *before* the review...cravings big time!!! I'm guessing the trigger of the first review since quitting (smoking was always the excuse for a break, doncha know...) was what was up there.... no worries, didn't cave...just surprised me with how much I suddenly thought about that cig!

Funny, I've had a bit more craving since then. To deal with it, I have been taking my breaks in the patients' exercise room...on the treadmill or bike! Its nice to feel like I'm moving toward the other part of my goal, which is to get in better shape overall. (One short term goal is to be able to ride my bike to work when the weather warms up enough!). Its nice to have the machines there for exercising, especially when the weather is brrrrrrrrrr cold outside! So, exercising during breaks gives me my minimum of half hour of aerobic exercise each day! Then I can do some walking in the evening if I like on days when I am not strength training. I gained about 15 pounds during the first part of my quit (in a month!!! omg...) but I am slowlystarting to reverse that weight gain. And since I am definitely gaining strength, too...I am guessing I am losing more fat than the scales show at this point. Hopefully, by April I will be well on my way to losing the weight I've been wanting to lose since before quitting, and feeling better than I have in....well...since I can remember!

I just realized that my official 1 month date was V-day!!! LOL How nice!!! And my hubby is starting to talk about thinking about maybe quitting! Not there yet, but he *is* thinking about thinking about it, so that's progress!!! He has continued to smoke downstairs on the back porch when I am home....and is starting to smoke there even when I am asleep, or at work! He is happy about smoking less because of it, too. So....maybe he will decide to take the plunge, too. I'll just keep my fingers crossed!

So thanks everyone for caring, but I'm actually doing pretty well!