A New Year!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 30, 2016


The guy on the left here is Janus (like January) Who looks into the past and into the future!

That's how we can launch a successful Quit Journey!

Look to your past at all of the motives for smoking and quitting and then look into the future and imagine your smoke FREE Life!

Now make it happen right now this minute!

The future is nothing more than a series of nows!

So I won't judge but I will observe! And I will use my executive ability to neither be hooked by my thoughts or by my feelings! 

I won't ignore them but I won't focus on them either!

I'll just give them space to dissipate while remembering that beautiful Smoke Free Future I decided to make for myself!

(the beauty on the right!)

Happy Janu - ary everybody! Happy New Year!

Happy Smoke FREE Life!