A New Opportunity!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 6, 2016


I waited almost a Year to hear those words from an organization who was willing to take on a guy pushing 60 in a different career!

At times, I'll be honest, I wanted to give up! It would be so much easier just to stay put! After all, I do like my job in Assisted Living and I'm not bragging but I'm very good at it! 

But I knew it was time to move on! I always promised myself that when the time to move on comes I will let go of my comfort zone and forge ahead learning new skills and new ideas.

Yesterday I got my "dream" job offer. Now is the time that I start detaching from the job I've had for the last 7 Years!

I'm uncomfortable, apprehensive, nervous.

But I will face my fears and take it one day at a time. I will create my new comfort zone!

This job is working in the University, CSU, Monday - Friday, lots of perks, with young enthusiastic students and world famous faculty. 

Smoking was my comfort zone. It was so hard to let go - especially when folks said "forever!" I was uncomfortable, apprehensive, nervous.

But I also was an active Addict!

I stepped into this new Smoke Free World not knowing who I am in this context. But I learned!

Step by step with as much enthusiasm and positive attitude as I could muster, with a willingness to create my New Normal, with a combination, as Dale pointed out yesterday, of owning it and faking it till you make it - I became an EX!

That was 6 1/2 Years ago and I don't miss it! 

I was leaving the most deadly of all Addictions for a Life of Freedom! 

Starting a new career can't be half that challenging!

I can do it!

You can do it!

A New Life is waiting for you to embrace! It will embrace you back with thousands of Blessings you can't even envision at this point!

Jobs, even Careers, come and go but this is the only Life you get!