Thought Pile-up!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Dec 4, 2016

Does Quitting sound overwhelmingly difficult?

Perhaps you’re trying to take it all in at once, get snowballed with smoking thoughts, become uncontrollably agitated and feel like you have to relieve the discomfort! You relapse because you can't stand the edginess!

You could be experiencing a thought pile up!

When you start guilting yourself for not quitting sooner or worrying about failure, how bad it will get, when, if ever, it will get easier, and build that picture in your mind – you have now changed a thought into a narrative and the human mind tends to live up to it’s own narrative!

But you can write your own narrative! Imagine yourself successfully smoke FREE! Actually as long as there isn’t a Sickerette dangling from your lip this moment – you are successfully Smoke FREE now!

Don’t let your thoughts run away from you like cars on a highway that run out of control into each other! We all know what happens on a highway – a car pile-up!


The same thing happens in your Addictive Brain – a thought pile-up!

There is an alternative that will allow those thoughts to run their course without overwhelming you!

We all know that denying thoughts doesn’t work!

However, we can ignore them! There’s a BIG Difference!

Just let the thoughts run by and soon they will take the off-ramp – as long as you don’t dwell on them!

Keep your focus on the thoughts that positively lift you up and encourage you to get through this moment! Thoughts will drift but gently nonjudgmentally bring them back to positivity now and those troublesome thoughts will move along out of your way!

The positive thought for the moment will remind you that quitting is about abundant smoke free Life!

You won’t wait for the day that it gets easier – you will be creating it right now!

Keep the traffic flowing! You can do this!