National COPD Awareness Day

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Nov 16, 2016

When I come to this day I am bursting with motivation to make more people aware and to get the test!

The test is called Spirometry Test. It is simple, affordable, non-invasive and you get immediate results.

If you have smoked more than 100 Sickerettes in your lifetime then please tell your Doctor that you want a Spirometry Test.

But I also want to share Hope for those who have received the diagnosis.

So I include 2 articles here.

The first is my own story of COPD Awareness and I encourage others to publish theirs - be it themselves or family members who have this illness.

Second, I want to include the National Action Plan developed by the National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute (NHLBI).

You can sit back and take your meds or you can choose to get involved. I find involement leads to empowerment over a disease that often leaves feeling helpless and hopeless. 

Something to think about!

Whatever you do - 

If you haven't already, Quit Smoking!

If you have Quit, then protect your Quit No Matter What!

Breathe Easy, Folks! Let's look forward to another Great Thanksgiving with our Families!