Love Yourself!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Feb 1, 2016

Smorgy brought up a good comment earlier today:

" I need to love myself enough to stop making those kind of excuses and to believe that I DESERVE to be FREE! And in doing that I'm able to love myself even more."

But what if you don't love yourself? Some of us may not even know how to love ourselves! If we didn't get that unconditional love from our parents we may have struggled with Self Love all of our lives!

Well, we don't have to give up! Now more than ever there are resources that teach us how to love ourselves unconditionally!

One of my favorite resources is Dr. Kristen Neff who teaches us the principles of Self Compassion. Her site is You can see her Ted Talks on You Tube such as the Space between Self Esteem and Self Compassion;

Self Love can be taught through CBT and ACT Therapies and through Affirmations!

I started a Group over 4 Years ago called Positive Affirmations for Success. This Group has over 200 members who contribute and share Positive Affirmations.

9 Months ago Sharon (Smorgy) started a discussion within our Group called Love Yourself and this discussion has really taken off!

I am a true believer that Smoking Cessation can be a lot more complicated than not smoking and that we need to learn as Dale said today Integrity, Self Respect and Self Love! That's not an EXcuse to not Quit! It's more of a "Whatever it Takes!"

 If you think that you can benefit from our Group, I hope you will join and remember, as with most Groups, you get out of it in proportion to what you contribute! Let your Self Love, Self Esteem, Self Respect and Self Compassion grow along with your Quit Journey and you'll find both Indomitable!