QUE SERA SERA Whatever will be will be!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jul 20, 2015

When I was smoking, stress kept my nerves tight as a live wire - always in fight/flight mode! Now I am feeling stress in a very different way!  Each episode is important but I don't anticipate it with a constant vigilance and I don't fiddle with it afterwards trying to decide if I could have done things better!  Que sera sera (for those who never heard of Doris Day it means whatever will be will be!)  and what's done is done!I learned what I could from that event and move on!

 I believe that this has to do with smoking!  I remember getting up and checking my cig supply, getting off work and figuring if I have enough for tomorrow, etc, - always in a state of anticipation.  When I was smoking that "dealing with stress"  cig, I was toying with how I could deal with things differently.   It's sort of jumping into the future or living in the past and somehow missing the present.  Dealing with stress in the present makes it a lot less burdensome and MORE EFFECTIVE!