Noah's Ark

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on May 11, 2015

We virtually all know the story. The story of humans was going pretty crooked and God in His Wisdom decided to straighten the whole mess out so he flooded the World and only spared one small Family (Noah's) and a pair of each animal. God knew He couldn't just flood the World every single time it all went awry so He sent the rainbow as a promise that He wouldn't do that again!

The Rainbow was God's solemn promise to honor His own commitment to preserve and protect mankind, to reveal  another way, Salvation, rather than to detroy it when people make humongously poor choices.



As Addicts we can feel our lives going awry! So we have to make a plan to set things back by salvaging the good and letting go of the things in our lives that aren't working! This includes Sickerettes of course. But it also includes bad habits associated with our Drug of choice. That may include places we used to hang out to smoke, paraphernalia, even Friends we buddied around with sharing our Addiction. It all has to become a thing of the past.

Then we have to set a Rainbow over our new lifestyle choice! The rainbow of our quit journey means we will find another way than to detroy ourselves with Nicotine when life gets difficult. We will honor our commitment to preserve and protect this one and only body that God gave us in Thanksgiving for His Mercy!

Evey day set your eyes on the Rainbow of your Recovery just as God set His eyes on the Rainbow of His Salvation Plan. We have the opportunity to receive His Blessing and Mercy and to become the person that He intends for us to Become!