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Does the way we see ourselves effect how we speak or does how we speak effect the way we see ourselves?

Yes and yes.  It's called psycho linguistics!  It is proving that when you change your mind, your brain becomes neurologically wired in a different way.

 Like cussing - people who cuss see themselves differently than people who don't.  People who no longer cuss actually change how they think of themselves.

 That's just one example of how language changes our brains.  

The need to smoke exists only in the mind.  When we say craving or "I crave a cig" it brings back all kinds of brain connections both mental and physical.

 To break the cycle we have to break the language pattern.  If i no longer say "crave" the energy of that word is taken away.

  So I had an inkling or a fuzzy moment or a drat but I don't say  that four (yea I know I can't count) letter word!  I don't say try (another miscounted 4 letter word) or slip or luck.  They cease to be in my vocabulary and cease to have power!  

Now I put a substitution in place.

 It's called an affirmation!  An affirmation is a thought that I choose to make a belief.

 N.O.P.E. is an affirmation.

 I choose health and life is an affirmation.

 I don't do that anymore is an affirmation.

 Don't feed the monster is an affirmation.  

 When I read an affirmation I am engaging my eyes and brain.

 When I hear an affirmation I am engaging my ears, my eyes and my brain.

 When I read an affirmation out loud I am using many organs ( eyes, ears, throat, mouth etc) and my brain - a VERY effective way to rewire an unspoken thought!

 Every day when I get up the first thing I do is read WITH MY VOICE the message next to my bed –

 I, Thomas, pledge to myself to NOT ONE PUFF EVER NO MATTER WHAT beginning with today!

 I credit this to having very few drats a day and of much less intensity than they might have been!

Today I don't remember even one drat moment!  I also see much more of the positive side of the QUIT than I might have because I BELIEVE I am having a positive quit (Why? Affirmations say that it's true!)

 I absolutely know that this quit is for life because I KNOW that SMOKING IS NOT AN OPTION! There is no -  but...

If you don't think this helps just give it a try for one day - for 1 day I'll try Thomas' crazy idea!  I'm sure that you will find that it makes a difference!  It sure won't make things worse!  

 Along these lines I have a  Group which is based on Affirmations!  It's called Positive Affirmations for Success! If you have an Affirmation, Scripture Verse, Inspirational saying, please join the 146 members and post your contributions.

That way newbies have a single place where they can make their sticky notes and 3X5 cards that will begin the process of QUITITUDE!!