Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Sep 19, 2014

I just had a tooth extraction and I can't tell you how glad I am that I'm no longer a smoker!

I don't have to worry about no smoking for "at least 4 - 7 days. If you can't, try to hold it to an absolute minimum."

OR ELSE! Dry socket!


Dry socket is an infection that you get way down in your jaw bone because - "Well, I just couldn't help myself!"

Then Your dentist will clean the tooth socket, removing any debris from the hole, and then fill the socket with a medicated dressing or a special paste to promote healing. You'll probably have to come back to the dentist's office every day for a dressing change until the socket starts to heal and your pain lessens. 

Money, money, money! And if you're like me, going to the dentist is stressful. What did I do when I was stressed? SMOKE! 

Viscious Cycle!

Take good care of you! Life Smoke FREE is so much less Worry Free!

PS: If this doesn't make sense, blame it on the Vicodin!