Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jun 15, 2014


The day you quit smoking is an extraordinary personal event that you are likely to remember and cherish!

But the true meaning of your quit is the day to day process - the decision you make today, the decision you'll make tomorrow, each event that adds to the continuation of the process which is a new way of living!

Living Life ADDICTION FREE! That's what this is all about! You are choosing to live life abundantly, believing in yourself, seeing that you deserve to be Happy and Healthy!

You are making a life affirming decision that you know will affect not just yourself but will send a clear and unmistakeable message to your loved ones - I care enough not only about you but about myself to care for myself, knowing that caring for myself is primary to caring for you, the people I love!

Self esteem! Self worth! Integrity! This is Abundant Living! This is what it means to be the person that my Creator intends for me to be!

My name is Thomas and what you see is what you get - a fella who values his own life enough to decide to be ADDICTION FREE!

I want to be honest with you but more importantly I will be honest with myself! That's impossible under the smoke cloud!

Know thyself! To thy own self be TRUE! Make each event of Today a part of the larger process of valuing yourself because yes, YOU ARE WORTH IT!