What's in a Number?

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jul 2, 2013

Why would I keep track and Celebrate 1200? 

Because this day - Day 1200 I have FREEDOM!

I have the Freedom to not smoke 

But like all Freedom 

Freedom isn't FREE!

I also can give away my Freedom with one simple stupid choice 

And shackle myself back up to Addiction!

I have a Responsibility as well -

The Responsibility to Protect my Quit - EVEN NOW!

I, Thomas, decide right here and now that I will not smoke even so much as one little puff under any circumstances, for any "reason".  I will honor myself enough to respect my commitment NO MATTER WHAT!

TODAY is still the Most Important Day of my Recovery!

I still get to/have to DECIDE!

Freedom and Responsibility on this Independence Day Week! They go hand in hand!