It was the Best of Times - It was the Worst of Times!

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Aug 21, 2012

I'm talking about March 14 - March 20, 2010! And no truer statement can be made! On March 14 I went to the Hospital with a temperature of 102! My teeth were clacking in my head. I radiated heat off my feverish body for yards. I was literally delerious and then I was given the news, "Your lungs are inflated." What do you mean, my lungs are inflated? How can that be and why? "You have Emphysema." That's not possible! I hardly smoke at all! "Emphysema is chronic, progressive and incurable." Whoa, hold on here! I haven't smoked that much!"If you don't quit smoking now you will get a lot worse very quickly."YIKES! I guess my smoking days are over! Smoking just isn't an option for me anymore!

On March 19th I took my last puff! I just couldn't make myself "waste" those cigs I already had! On March 20th I made the Best DECISION I had ever made in my entire life! FREE! ADDICTION FREE!!! Of course, I didn't know that! I wasn't all that happy about quitting but to me nothing is more disgusting than watching somebody on Oxygen smoke! That sure as heck wasn't gonna be me! Well. I also came to BecomeanEx that week and Read, Read, and Read some more and listened to the long timers to find out what they were doing right and I followed their lead! I was as surprised as anybody about how much easier my quit was than I thought it would be! It all had to do with the basic question. I know, you think the question is to smoke or not to smoke! NO! The question for me was, "Since smoking isn't an option then what can I do in this situation?" What can I do when I drink my coffee? What can I do when I'm driving to work? What can I do when it's break time? What can I do while I'm reading my favorite book? What can I do after dinner? etc.,etc.,etc...Before you know it, I found some AMAZING answers!!! I was transforming before my very eyes!!! I became stronger and more confident and more assertive than I ever imagined! And it just keeps getting better and better! WOW! If I had known that I sure as heck would have quit before I had COPD!!!! But regrets never help the situation! So I do my best to help others see what I see before they get the E-Word dropped in their laps! 

That's why I say that it was the Best of Times! Because the NEW Thomas was being formed by a simple DECISION! What to do instead! If I can do this you can too! And you will never ever regret THAT!