Nicotine Abuse

Blog Post created by TW517 on Jun 10, 2019

Why don’t we call smokers “Nicotine Abusers”?  Why do we reserve the term “Abuser” for only those addicted to drugs or alcohol?  I was definitely a nicotine abuser.  If you look at my profile, you will see that I smoked 15 cigarettes a day.  That doesn’t tell the whole story though.  I kept trying to quit over and over again, and started using nicotine lozenges in greater and greater quantities.  By the time I finally quit, I was smoking 15 cigarettes a day and taking 15-18 lozenges a day.  When I look back, my stupidity never ceases to amaze me.


Anyway, even though I was a nearly pack a day smoker, I didn’t get many craves for a cigarette after I quit.  What I really wanted was to suck and chew on a couple lozenges when the craves came.  They finally subsided, and I rarely get an urge anymore.  I can be with smoking friends and have no desire to bum one.  I can go to my old convenience store to buy something and those racks of cigarettes have no effect on me.  But one thing continues to get to me.


OK, fair warning, a little TMI coming up.  I have IBS with really bad hemorrhoids.  Not complaining.  I’ve had it for 35 years, and it is just my normal now.  So, again, apologies for TMI but I go through boxes of Tucks Medicated Pads every month.  There is a Target store down the street from my house that sells them cheaper than anywhere else, so I always go there when I’m running low.  When you are in the aisle that has the Tucks, just to the right of them are creams like Preparation H, then there are the Fleet enemas, then antacids and gas relief.  I’m not in marketing, but all of that seems to make sense for product placement.  However, just to the left of the Tucks are all the nicotine lozenges and gum.  I literally brush up against them reaching for a box of Tucks.  I’m never tempted anymore to have “just one cigarette”.  But every da*n time I buy my Tucks, my mind says, “Why don’t you buy a box of lozenges?  Surely one wouldn’t hurt”.


I may have to start going to CVS and just pay more for my "butt" relief .