Low dose CT lung scan

Blog Post created by Strudel on Feb 22, 2019

This is a tough blog to write, but I feel that it is very important. Thanks to folks here, like marciemThomas3.20.2010elvanBarbara145Sandy-9-17-17mikecitydr.hurtMark  and many others who have discussed the screening test for lung cancer - I decided to have one done. It was completed about 10 days ago.


Unfortunately they found a nodule. It is my understanding that finding one in a former smoker is quite common. (I quit almost 9 years ago.) These nodules can range from about 5 mm to 30 mm...after that the growth would be referred to as a “mass”. Mine is 14 mm - right in the middle of the range to be called a “nodule”. He called it “suspicious” - which is not a great word to hear! I think that the radiologist then makes recommendations based the size, shape, patient’s risk factors, etc. (That is based on my reading.)  He also classified it as “4A” which I think is also part of the recommendation determination. The radiologist who did my test, has recommended “rescreening in 3 months OR having a PET scan now”. After talking to my primary care doctor, I have decided to see a pulmonologist and consult about my next step. That appointment is next Tuesday. 


Now - of course I want to ask my very dear friends here for prayers. Prayers that no matter the diagnosis, that I will have to strength to face it and do what I need to do! I am a bit stressed out, which is to be expected I think. Once I know what I am dealing with - I think that will help. 


I also wanted to share this story because I think that this test, although scary, is very important if you have a history of smoking. (I smoked for 40 years.) It is my understanding that since lung cancer often does not show symptoms, this screening tool gives us a chance to find things before they may be even worse. 


Thank you again to the many people here who have discussed their personal stories about this issue!! That is what inspired me to decide to finally do it!  It is another example of the great power of this place! Thank you! 

I will keep you posted!