My first car!!

Blog Post created by Strudel on Feb 4, 2012

Yes - That's right - my very first SMOKE FREE CAR! I have actually only purchased and owned 3 cars since graduating from college and getting my first job 37 years ago. I smoked in all of those cars. Well - three weeks ago I traded my '99 Honda Civic - in which I had smoked for so long - for a 2009 Beetle convertible with 22,000 miles on it!! It is gorgeous and smoke free! It will stay that way! After quitting 601 days ago there is no going back for this old Hippie!

I am so excited about this car! I have never been excited about a car - they have always just been a practical device for getting around. This car represents my new feeling of FREEDOM! I would never have considered a convertible as a smoker - number one because of how impractical it would be with ashes flying everywhere - and also because of how public the act of smoking would have been! (I was one of those who always felt embarrassed when I was sitting at a light with a cigarette in my hand.) 

Thank you for the great train ride yesterday! Thank you for all of the wishes of "congrats"! Despite having 600+ days - it still amazes me every day - this gift of this beautiful gift! And, in big part - I have this site and the wonderful folks here to thank for that gift! 40 years of being stupid - can you imagine?? It is truly like starting life over - including being wild and crazy and buying a convertible! 

Thanks again dear friends!