About Betty...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Aug 27, 2016

Hi, dear friends.  Every time I come back to EX after an extended absence, my heart swells up with the love I feel for my friends here and the warm "welcome back" I get from them.  I'm so grateful for this website and the people here.  

This time, it was the news of Betty's passing that lit a fire under me to come back.  Betty was not a firecracker here on EX.  She didn't write lengthy posts giving advice.  She didn't jump in with solutions when someone hit a roadblock.  She never felt like she had to be witty or amusing.  No.  She did better.  She was a ROCK.  Betty was solid.  She was kind.  She made thoughtful comments.  She was encouraging to everyone.  She wasn't outspoken.  But she spoke with wisdom, experience and love.  I had the honor of spending time with her during the Nashville EX gathering.  I remember sitting next to her on a ride from downtown back to the hotel.  And I remember feeling so comfortable, so easy, so understood when we talked during that ride.  Betty was a gentle soul.  But she was also a warrior against smoking--albeit a quiet, loving warrior.  Sometimes, it's the gentle ones who have the most impact.  Betty had an impact on my life.  I'm sure she had influence in many other lives here on EX and in her own life sphere.  I am grateful to have known her.  Rest in peace, Betty.  You made a difference here on EX.

xxxooo, Sky