The Oregon EXcursion Photo Album

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Sep 1, 2013

Hi, Everyone!  I've missed all of you.  Although I've been lurking, I'll have a lot of blogs to read to get caught up and meet all the new folks!  It's so cool to see so many people quitting! 

My cast was finally removed yesterday and so it's just a matter of a few weeks of physical therapy before I can fly again.  It's been wonderful being here with Jeff in our Oregon home, though.  It will be hard to leave! 

The highlight so far is when Freedom 38 (Kari) and jojo (Joanne) came to visit for a few days!  We didn't have time to fit in ALL the activities I had on my list, but we did do and see lots of wonderful things together!

The fun we had together during those 3 days is PROOF POSITIVE that life can be wonderful and full after quitting!  You just need to find your "new normal" by (as says) relearning life without cigarettes!

Thank you SO much to Kari and Joanne for coming!  I had a ball with you guys!

I've uploaded all the photos to  Click on the first photo to enlarge it, then just scroll through the photos