It's Kind of Like a Brand-New Car!

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Jul 26, 2013

Have you ever gotten a brand-new car?  Oh, that feeling as you drive away from the dealership!  You are excited, happy, and a tiny bit apprehensive (oh, golly, what if I scratch it?).

As you drive your wonderful new car around during the first few days, you are learning about it: "What does this button do?", "How do I set the clock?", "Is this the cruise control switch?".  It's all so new and different!

And, best of all, you are getting so much attention about your shiny, new car!  Everyone wants to talk to you about it: "It's gorgeous! I wish I had a car like that!", "Where can I get a car like that?", "You must be so happy!".

After you've driven it for a while, it's not so exciting as it was at first.  Everyone knows you got a new car a few weeks ago.  They are still happy for you, but it's not a hot topic anymore..."How's that new car working out? Oh, good...hey, did you hear that John got fired yesterday?

Pretty soon, you start noticing that your car doesn't feel so new anymore.  Maybe you spilled a soda on the seat.  Maybe you tracked some dirt on to the floor mats.  Maybe little Tiffany ate Cheetos in her car seat.  Your car needs some minor maintenance.  You can make the effort to clean up your car...or not.  It still runs fine, right?  So what if it's not quite as nice as it used to be?

A few months later, your car salesman sends you an email, reminding you that it's time for some regularly-scheduled maintenance.  Oh, but you are SO busy!  And the car seems to be running just fine.  You ignore the suggestion for maintenance and just keep on driving that car the way you always do.

Then...late one night, you find yourself driving on an unfamiliar country road.  You've driven on roads like this before so you aren't really worried.  Piece of cake.

But you didn't do the maintenance.  And, while your car seems fine on the surface, things underneath have eroded.  You see a big rock in the road and slam on your brakes!  The brakes FAIL!  Your car hits the rock, spins off the road into a swamp and promptly sinks. Your car is gone.  Gone.

And now you have to buy a new car  And start all over again with car payments, probably higher than your first car.  Will you take better care of this car?

Okay.  Sad story.  Now, substitute the concept of your brand-new QUIT in place of a brand-new car.

And, that is why we are always reminding people to PROTECT YOUR QUIT.  Take care of it, don't neglect it, do the "maintenance", especially after it is no longer new, shiny and exciting!

xxxooo,   Sky