Calling all Philly EXers...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Jan 24, 2013

I've got a 17-hour layover in Philly tomorrow night (Friday, 1/25).

jojo and I talked about getting together for dinner, but we haven't talked about it lately and I don't know if she's still available.  I've written her and expect to hear back from her soon.

And I know there are other EXers in Philly, aren't there? 

I'm staying at a hotel near the airport.  I expect to be at the hotel by 4pm.   And if that's convenient for anyone, I would like to invite them to join jojo and me for dinner.  Newbies, Oldbies, anyone who is an EX!!!!  I would LOVELOVELOVE it!

So...anybody up for it?  (It's a great photo op, guys!)  Just respond here or send me a message.