2013: Okay, what's next after quitting?

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Jan 1, 2013

I decided it's time to work out.  I don't get much opportunity with my job.  However, I have a well-kept secret.  Back in the early '90's, I was an aerobics instructor and certified personal trainer.  Yup.

Well, you'd never know that now.  I got divorced in 1994.  To support myself and five kids, I bought an ice cream store and six hot dog stands in lower Michigan.  From one extreme of the cholesterol scale all  the way to the other extreme of the cholesterol scale. Probably a bad idea.  But, oh, all that ice cream!!!  And it was all MINE!!!  Yup.

The kids grew up and left home, I switched from being a small business owner to flying.  I hit a certain age (and all the vintage women here on EX know what THAT does to your metabolism...). Yup.

Then I quit smoking and found out that nicotine had been cranking up my metabolism at the same time it was messing with my brain function.   I had always thought people who quit smoking gained weight because they substituted food for cigarettes.  Wrong.  It's a physiological effect.  Yup.

But, hey.  New year, new challenge.  Checked out exercise programs on the infomercials tonight...

TurboFire? (Isn't a fire something you cook hot dogs over?)  

Beachbody? (I'm not trying to wear a bikini; I just want my clothes to fit.)

Body Shaper?  (That's what Spanx do, right?) 

BioSlim? (I haven't been SLIM since I was 18) 

Daily Burn?  (Is that about cigarettes? Because I don't do that anymore.)

Fluidity Bar?  (What?  Is that where I can get a drink?)

Insanity?  (No thanks, I can do that on my own...)

Metamorphosis?  (Now I'm a caterpillar?)

This is not encouraging.  I will think about it tomorrow.  Good thing My Beloved likes me the way I am.

I'm a non-smoker.  And that's pretty darn excellent.  Yup.