Day 34: To Newbies...may I offer some advice?

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Oct 30, 2012

I came to this site because I wanted to quit smoking.  I recognized that many of the people here had already done the thing that I wanted to do.  So I read what they told me to read.  I did the tracking exercises.  I went to the other sites that were recommended.  I was a STUDENT and I learned how I could stop being a nicotine addict. 

It was like a lightbulb went off the day that I GOT it. 

I understood COMMITMENT instead of "trying", "attempting", "hoping".

I understood taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY instead of wishing for "luck", and blaming "stress", "weakness" or "being around smokers".

I understood seeing quitting as FREEDOM instead of seeing it as "sacrifice", "giving up", "suffering through" or "losing" something.

When I quit, it wasn't "EASY".  Sorry, Allen Carr, it wasn't.  But I had a whole new way of thinking about it and that made it EASIER.

No, I'm not an Elder.  I'm not an EXpert.  I only have 34 days under my belt.  But I have more than that.   I have the knowledge, the understanding, the thinking, the confidence to know that I will never ever smoke again. 

And I have all that because I LISTENED to the people here and I FOLLOWED their advice.  Thank you, EXers!!!  You have literally saved my life.  xxxooo