Day 27: "One Slip" No, no, not ME! Just Pink Floyd lyrics...

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Oct 24, 2012

Day 27 and Sky Girl is a NON-SMOKER.  Honestly, it's not easy every single minute, but I am just so proud of myself, I think I'd better dress up like a peacock for Halloween and go strut my stuff...yup, that's an image: a 57 year-old lady in a peacock costume
!  Ok, banish that image right now, please.

Here's what I REALLY came here to say:  I was bantering with stonecipher (someday, she's going to explain that username to me...) and the topic of Pink Floyd lyrics came up.  I was rusty on the lyrics, even though a great fan of them back in the day.  Stone referenced "Have a Cigar" and the irony was not lost on us.

But then I remembered a song called "One Slip", which has some lyrics that made me think about what it would be like to give up my Quit and start smoking again.  Read and see if you agree...

"One slip and down the hole we fall, it seems to take no time at all.
  A momentary lapse of reason that binds a life to a life..."

Wow, I'm so deep tonight!  Not your usual Sky Girl, eh?  Just don't smoke.  I won't if you won't.  Actually, I won't even if you do...but you get my supportive meaning, right?

P.S. Brenda M: Don't give up on me...we WILL find a workable date.  Youngatheart, start your engine...if you can quit, you can brave the traffic to DC.  Stone, I'm flying to Philly one of these days.  And, btw, has anyone seen CindyMac recently??