I screwed up.

Blog Post created by SkyGirl on Sep 24, 2012

Well, so much for my big day.  I've been flying tons of extra hours this month and I've been getting more and more exhausted with each trip.  And this morning, of ALL mornings, I slept through FOUR separate alarms.  What finally woke me up was a call from the Crew Desk, screaming "WHERE ARE YOU?????"  I got a "DNF" in my work history, which stands for "did not fly".  I got three penalty points on my record.  And I got reamed by my supervisor.  They replaced me on the trip and wouldn't give me another trip to make up the time.  So I don't have a 28 hour layover in Seattle, I don't get to see my boyfriend after not seeing him for four weeks, I don't get to enjoy all the wonderful surprises he had planned to celebrate my quit, I had to call him and tell him not to fly to Seattle because I screwed up, which disappointed him greatly.  So, I was sitting in bed after all this, still in my nightgown, feeling like a total loser for messing up everything.  And what's the first thing I do to feel better?  I throw on some clothes and run to the 7/11 for a pack of cigarettes.  Then I sit in my car in the parking lot, crying my head off and...smoking.  I couldn't be more disappointed in myself.