Once more...I have arrived @ Day "Four"!

Blog Post created by Pops on Jul 13, 2020

Good morning EXers!

Hey guess what?  This morning I was out of creamer and milk.  So, I got a recycle bag and went up the stairs to the street level...and walked across the street to the local Giant Food store & purchased my goods...(okay, not just milk & creamer...) I mean after all, I did walk to the store didn't I?  And since I seem to have this overwhelming urge to stick something in my mouth at times....why can't it be a Jelly Filled roll?    I looked like a really mischevious chit after I ate it too....(it had a ton of powdered sugar on it).  So here I was sitting at my pooter, drinking my fresh coffee and wearing a black sleeveless tee shirt.  All was normal and peaceful until I took a bite of that roll & I mean it looks like half of Cuba landed on my clean black shirt.  I mean I had white powder from neckline to waistline! 


So my blood pressure is starting to settle down again...I took it this morning after my walk & it was 130/64 with a pulse of 62.  Those are actually very good numbers...I'm simply amazed how I forget that nicotine actually coagulates my blood and makes my heart work harder to circulate the blood through my system.  Hence, my lower legs get tired much easier than when I'm not smoking.  It was so nice to walk across to the store and have spring in my step every step of the way...I'm telling you...I'm on FIRE! with energy and hope for a better life....


Pops celebrating day Four...once more!!!! Woo Hoo & "Happy Monday to you too"!!!