Another Monday.....

Blog Post created by Pops on Feb 17, 2020

Good morning EXers!

It's Monday morning, (Presidents Day) and my bosses asked me to come in and work on my holiday....(they will have to pay me dearly for the time though....;-)....so here I am dumping another wheel barrow of gold bullion into the back of my new "Red Ram Pick-up Truck"...so don't feel sorry for me...I am truly a blessed man to have the ability to still be working at my age.  Still, I couldn't resist the urge to cry a little river for me anyway....geeze...I can be such a pitty pot...whiner sometimes..lol.  I was not very happy to see the Daytona 500 get rained out yesterday, only to have it air today, when I am not going to be available to watch it...! grrr....(there I go again....poor me...poor, poor me....) "bullc##p", I have a dvr, and I can record it and watch it whenever I want to....

I really need to get over this need to whine...it is not becoming, and I simply cannot stand to hear anyone else do it.  

I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend and kept it smokefree...as Pops did....It sure is nice to not hardly ever think about drinking, or smoking either one in my case...my life is filled with some pretty special things, and people to interact with....that makes things much more fun and tolerable. 

Plus, this new retirement plan of mine, complete with date and place...gives me alot to look forward to...!!!! I'm actually pretty excited.

I downloaded the counter on my phone, and I now have 1,166 days before retirement....how cool is that?  I also have 534 days of sobriety, and let's not forget the biggie here...173 days of "smobriety"!!!! Woo Hoo!  I am loving this newfound freedom of mine.....I hope that all of you can get that brand new me feeling....it's exhilarating!


Ooops!  I put up another one of his funny memes, and then noticed he was smoking a cigarette in it....(at least he was admitting that he was doing something stupid in it....)


I'm smiling all day long today.....know why? cuz I'm thriving @ 173 days of smokefree freedom.....!!!!!!!!!!!!