Simple as A,B,C...Pops is rockin 83!

Blog Post created by Pops on Dec 14, 2018

Yep, 7 more days before I am outa here!!!!! Next Thursday will be my last day until the 7th of Jan....next year!!!!!

How cool is that?!  So between now and then, I have to make sure all of my loose ends are neatly tied up, so that nobody has to needlessly do my work in my absence.....(that's the professional side of the holiday anyway)....As for the personal side of the holiday...since this is going to be my first Christmas/New Years sober....(in a long time anyway.....)...I have checked in the national directory and found several meetings that are taking place in the same neighborhood that my brother lives in....I will always have an escape route in the event that my sick mind attempts to pout and detract from the joy of the holidays....The last thing I want to do is be a killjoy to the ones that I love.  After all, it is me that has a problem with the moderator...not them.....As for the smoking, nobody in the family smokes any longer, so that will not be a problem...plus, I willl always have the site close by....As for Mac & Cheese....(pout....pout....sad face..) ....I have hired the neighbors daughter to come and sit with the boys a couple of times a day while I am away....

As I am writing this blog this morning, I have the You Tube christmas music playing through my computer speakers....Pretty soothing actually....

Most everyone on this site knows of Pops already, but in the event that you are new here...and just happened to land on this blog by chance...well I would like to share with you, that the whole business of not smoking anymore is really much easier than any of us ever imagined.  The hardest part of quitting was to get it through our stubborn heads, that we were just as entitled to be as healthy and happy as anybody else on this site.   The only thing we needed to do, was to start believing in that reality, and begin to focus on the gifts that we would be receiving "each" time we said no to a memory, or urge to smoke....DO NOT think about the negative side of quitting....the withdrawals will subside almost immediately, and soon will be so infrequent, you won't be able to remember the last time you thought about smoking.....

xoxoxox Pops with 83 Days of Freedom Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

Have a great smokefree day