Oy Vay

Blog Post created by meganrose1011 on May 14, 2014

Im not sure if thats actually how you spell that or not lol oh well...

I really wish I had internet at my place, it would make coming on here to talk to you guys so much easier! Its been too long I feel since I have been on here last.

So I caved, and was drinking one night and started smoking again, as you all remember Im sure.
I am all about honesty, so here it goes... I have still been smoking since then.  I didnt throw any away, didnt stop buying them. Ive baught another pack or two since I started drinkin that night even.
THIS IS SO HARD! Why is it so hard to quit smoking cigarettes?! People quit harder drugs and dont have as hard of a time as I feel I am having with quitting smoking .

I DO want to quit, please believe me when I say that. I REALLY do. I think I need to try a different tactic/technique...something needs to be done differently.
I still consider you guys to be my EX Family even though I am picked up smoking again, I mean this isnt only for people who have already quit right? Its still for those who WANT to but need people to talk to about it....

I dont want lung cancer, dont want to die from this by any means. Can I let you inside my mind a minute and try to explain my thoughts? I am not a pack or two a day smoker, a pack lasts me at least a couple days. Sometimes three. I feel as though I am not smoking enough for it to be as bad for me as someone who somkes more than a pack a day. I havent been smoking for that long either, I started like 6 years ago. Which is a long time I guess, but not since I was 9 or 13 like some people I know. So because of these thoughts, I think whats the harm?
I know thats not the way to look at it, I know that no matter how many I smoke or for how long it is still not good for me. I get that, and I probably sound naive with what I just said. But does it make sense to anyone else?

Please share your thoughts, would love to hear from you guys!