The Scoop on Jive Rewards: Badges, Points and Quests

Blog Post created by Mark Employee on Jun 25, 2018

Over the course of the last year, you may have experienced a period of time where you weren’t earning any points. Some of you have experienced it multiple times. You may have given points with a badge and the points were debited from your account but never credited to the person you awarded them to. On each occasion that we’ve been made aware of an issue, we’ve informed the platform’s Support Team and provided them as much evidence as possible. On most occasions, they’ve done some troubleshooting and have restored service.  

Regrettably, even with all the info we provided, it’s been a fairly evasive issue, only affecting a portion of the members and there hasn’t been a reliable resolution to date. We’ve evaluated turning off Rewards completely, but ultimately decided to leave it on. Turning off Rewards would also turn off Badges and Quests, which have been shown to help with members’ quits and have been a well-liked feature of our EX Community. Additionally, the Rewards issues don’t affect everyone every time. We’ve also explored other options but there are none that make economic sense or would be a better fit for quitting.  After careful consideration, the EX Team has decided to leave Rewards on. 

Fixing the issue is out of our control and the control of other customers using this community platform. They know it is important to their customers who use it and hope to have it fixed later in the year.  When there is an outage, a portion of members may not receive points while others will. Unfortunately, there isn’t a solution currently to retroactively credit earned points to accounts when an outage occurs.  We hope that a includes a recount to properly credit missed points. We recognize that points are important to some people and not to others. Whatever your stance, we’re your advocate and feel that members should receive the points they earned. 

We know this frustrating for some of you. I encourage you to alert me to any time you don’t see points awarded by commenting on this post in Community Help so I can alert support as quickly as possible to get the service restored. 


EX Community Manager