(: Freedom is being in it for the long haul :)

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 16, 2019

I never thought I'd ever quit smoking let alone be able to stick with it and be in it for the long haul BUT here I am and there's so many of us that's in it for the long haul which is for LIFE our precious lives that's the reason I'm living my Forever Quit because after 40 years of slavery to the damned Cancer Sticks I developed copd  which thankfully is mild BUT that scared some sense into me because I figured out that I'm not invincible so I found this site and got serious about taking back my life and thankfully as difficult as quitting smoking can be it's absolutely Doable and totally worth it,  our lives deserves for us to look after ourselves and quitting smoking is absolutely a gift of LIFE that we can give ourselves and our families PLUS our health and our wallets will definitely benefit ..........our Exer friends that's  going to the Ex reunion have fun and takes lots of pictures and maybe a short video or two love you guys huge hug for each of you, stay safe and we'll see you soon.......