Wowser! it's the last Hump Day of Oct.

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Oct 25, 2017

And it's two months to Christmas day plus we're under a heavy rainfall warning and the temps are tropical we're one degree warmer here in Carleton county NB than in Tampa Florida and that's amazing because we've had snow this time of year that stayed until April but I'm very thankful for the upcoming rain because we desperately need it before freeze up the rivers streams, Wells and forests need it. Lots of wells have been going dry. My husband's first cousin's funeral is today so Mark is home this morning and we'll get ready and get a few things done before we leave for the funeral which is being held an hr and a half away but it's in NB, they grew up and lived in Clinton Maine which is roughly four hrs from me but alot of the family live in NB and the cousin that passed wanted to be laid to rest here. I'm tired and I think I'm rambling so I'm Wishing each of you on this Hump Day a stressfree, hasslefree but most importantly a smokefree day because smoking is a choice and choosing not to smoke no matter what is happening in life is the right choice because believe it or not life is sooooooo much better once you get through the roller coaster ups and downs so hang on tight and don't let go until you come out the other side smiling because there's definitely life after cigarettes and it's yours for the taking but you must stick with your quit and keep stacking up those precious smoke free days!