Say I know I can NOT I think I can, then believe it!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Mar 8, 2017

I know now that in my half hearted, half dozen or so failed attempts in quitting smoking I didn't actually believe that I could quit and wasn't sure that I really wanted to because I thought other people got cancer and other smoking related illnesses but not me . I must have thought I was invincible I am glad that I found out that I have mild copd and thankfull that it wasn't more severe because it scared the crap out of me, so I found this site and read everything I could find here to educate myself on this horrid addiction and I also realized that I could actually quit smoking and stay quit that yes it's absolutely Doable and so very worth it to be FREE with the right mindset we can do just about anything we put our minds to including quitting smoking so quit if you haven't already and if you're struggling hang on tight and don't let go know that you can and will be successful one precious smoke free day at a time, I'm telling you that there's life after cigarettes and it's yours for the taking grab onto the best gift that you'll ever give yourself which is the gift of LIFE !